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    You can do it anytime

    Unlike calling your GP, you can see appointment availability and book appointments 24 hours a day.

  • Access medical records online

    Access your medical records

    As a registered user of Patient Access, you can access your medical records online.

  • Share your medical record

    Share your medical record

    You can choose to temporarily share your medical records with family and friends or healthcare professionals.

  • Order repeat prescriptions

    Order repeat prescriptions

    A huge benefit of using the Patient Access website is that you can order repeat prescriptions, without having to pick up the phone.

  • Book for your children

    Book for your children

    You can also set up separate accounts for your children, allowing you to book appointments and repeat prescriptions on their behalf.

  • Help your practice

    Help your practice

    By using the Patient Access website you are helping to free up phone lines for emergency calls and for patients with no internet access.

Book your next GP appointment online with Patient Access

If you’re a Lambeth resident you can book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and access your medical records online using patient-access.co.uk
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