Sandra Connolly

Sandra Connolly, Practice Manager, Beckett House, Grantham Road

June 16, 2016

Sandra Connolly has a straightforward perspective on the Lambeth Patient Online campaign. “It’s all about giving patients a choice,” says Sandra who is practice manager at Beckett House in Stockwell. “It is also about providing transparency for booking availability and offering another way for patients to make contact with their local practice.”

Sandra says that the benefits of using the online services are two-fold, both for practices and for patients.

For our patients, says Sandra, this translates into increased choice for booking consultations, but it also offers transparency, displaying what bookings and wider options are there for them.

“In our practice, where we have a lot of non-English speakers, it offers a different way to contact us, not just through our receptionists.” Sandra maintains that for Beckett House this offers an opportunity to introduce greater efficiencies in the use of staff time, thereby avoiding lengthy conversations, such as, ‘Can you do Tuesday at 2pm, or Wednesday, but with doctor x or y’.

“We’re hoping that by cutting back on some of these time-consuming conversations we’ll make efficiencies, ensuring that our staff can be put to better use providing a boost to the relationship between, for example, receptionist and patient.”