Pirthi Singh

Pirthi Singh, Practice Manager, Brockwell Park Surgery, Norwood

June 21, 2016

Online access helps to improve access to care services, making them more convenient, with streamlined transfers between different points of care.

This, in turn, contributes to improvements in levels of patient satisfaction and more efficient delivery of services, supporting better use of clinical time.

For Pirthi Singh, Practice manager at the Brockwell Park Surgery in Norwood the main value of the Patient Online service is that patients can “suit themselves”, freeing up telephone lines for other people who prefer to make appointments over the phone, or who do not have access to the Internet.

“We offer all our appointments online. We don’t offer a select view, but rather offer appointments across the board,” says Pirthi.

“It is the future. The younger generations certainly see it as the way to go. I know that my children do everything online.”

For Pirthi, choice is the principal benefit. “It boils down to choice, and that’s so important in our lives”.