Dr Ross Dyer-Smith – a perspective on communications technology and the provision of better healthcare

August 2, 2016

Dr Ross Dyer-Smith, GP at Riverside Medical Centre and principal spokesman for Lambeth GP Federations – the leading figure in the Lambeth Patient Online initiative set up to promote the benefits and greater use of booking access GP services – says technology is essential to opening the doors to a wide array of health services.

“Being able to book appointments online is an expectation of the younger generation certainly, and the more activities you can automate, that can be safely done in an automated way, the more time you’re freeing up for those face-to-face skills required for the more vulnerable population,” says Ross.

“You’re shifting the workload somewhere where it can be dealt with more easily and efficiently.”

Ross believes that most GP practices don’t use the technology at their disposal anywhere near the amount that they should.

“Sadly, primary care isn’t a technology ‘thought leader’, or early adopter. Medicine as a whole is much more about focusing on disease control. Go into a hospital and you see the amount of paperwork that staff are filling in and one thinks – this is 2016!”

Ross believes that most practices would benefit greatly if they were to harness the power of technology. Patient Access helps service users to take greater control of their health and wellbeing by increasing online access to healthcare facilities.

“Many patients tell us they want to be offered more convenience, choice and control in how they access GP services.

“Increasingly, they also want to be informed and involved in decisions about their own care and treatment,” Dr Dyer-Smith added.